Your one stop app
for improvement

MprooV is a groundbreaking app thoughtfully engineered to shatter the shortcomings of the current improvement landscape. Experience fully personalized Action Plans, build your own motivational support team, level up with gamification, and much more. Be destined for success, not failure with the ultimate improvement app.

Unleash your best self in 3 simple steps

Choose a School

Meticulously curated by industry-leading creators, our schools cater to every experience level.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your skills in a specific area, embark on a transformative journey and discover a tailored course designed to help you. Our schools are continuously expanding with many more coming soon. We value your input, so let us know your school suggestions using our feedback form.

Establish your Top Priorities

People fail to reach their goals because the end seems too far away and unachievable – there is no clear path. With MprooV, complete your initial Assessment based on Attributes (topics) personally selected by the School Creator and let MprooV work its magic.

Every week you will receive [bite-sized] Action Items based on your Top Priorities, first suggested by the MprooV algorithm, but which you can change at any time.

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach – feel like your favorite School Creator is curating an improvement plan just for you.

Complete Action Items

Action Items are any activity that helps you move forward and improve a specific Attribute. They are served to you in a way that promotes you completing them anytime, anywhere. They can come from your School Creator using MprooV’s algorithm, from you or from anyone on your Team.
MprooV intuitively reprioritizes and delivers your new personalized Action Items every Monday based on your Top Priorities, propelling you towards new goals and proficiency in your chosen area. That’s not all—each completed Action Item earns you valuable points, propelling you up the leaderboard. As a top MprooVer, you’ll unlock exclusive access to Legends Events and exciting rewards.

Realize your dreams: MprooV has it all

Add your own Action Items

We understand and appreciate that every individual possesses unique abilities, talents, and strengths that shape their personal growth journey. That’s why our app lets you add your own personalized Action Items.

Whether it’s a helpful tip from a friend or coach or a key takeaway from a video, you can easily add it as an Action Item to remind yourself to work on and improve it. Say goodbye to trying to remember everything you need to do to improve or juggling multiple apps— MprooV becomes your all-in-one pocket organizer, consolidating everything you need to work on into one convenient place.

Build your own support Team

Enhance your journey with a formidable team. Rally your friends, family, coaches, mentors, or anyone you choose and invite them to join you on MprooV. MprooV offers two distinct roles aside from being an MprooVer – Expert and Support.

Experts and Supports can assist with Assessments and Prioritizations, while tracking your progress and providing encouragement and accountability. Plus, your team can create or save Action Items just for you. No longer do you have to remember their advice or rummage through texts or emails, everything is in one easy location. Fuel your motivation with a dedicated squad of personal champions by your side.

Unique Gamified Experience

Every time you complete an Action Item, you’ll earn points that propel you higher up the ranks of the School’s leaderboard. Climb towards the top as you accomplish your goals and engage in friendly competition with our growing community. Top MprooVers can unlock exclusive access to our legendary events and be eligible for a range of thrilling rewards. Let the games begin!

Discover Action Items on any Attribute

Your Action Plan is carefully crafted just for you, but that doesn’t mean your limited to it. Using the Discover tab in the app gives you access to all the Action Items relating to any Attribute. You can then add these as Action Items to your personal improvement plan – empowering you with complete control.

Why self improvement plans fail 96% of the time
(and why ours succeed)

Failure Point MprooV's Solution
  • Follow a plan that encompasses everything you need to accomplish
Lack of time
  • Fit small actionable steps into your daily life
Plans not personalized
  • Tailored plans to your own skills, weaknesses, goals and way of life
Too complicated
  • Prioritize what to work on now and keep plans as simple as possible
  • Add a Team to provide encouragement and accountability

Finally, an improvement platform that’s as dedicated to your success as you are.