MprooV is LIVE!

MprooV is now live on the Android and Apple Store. You can find our download links on the home page. Thank you again to everyone that has helped us get here.

We are targeting to begin promotions with our School Creators in early July. Until then, our Early Access users and other friends/family will be able to use the platform ahead of the general population. If you love what we are doing, our School Creators would appreciate you subscribing to their school and also leaving a positive review on the App Store itself.

Once our promotions start, you can expect some really fun announcements from our School Creators as well as the launch of a brand new School! Other Schools are not far behind.

Please leave us a comment here or on the App Store to tell us how we are doing, and we will see you soon with an updated website and big announcements to come!

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July 12th, MprooV will officially launch. We will be actively promoting the platform and constantly updating each School with new Action Items, events and other fun interactions with the School Creators.

Finally, an improvement platform that’s as dedicated to your success as you are.