MprooV Agadmator Immortal Games
MprooV Agadmator Immortal Games

MprooV Content Update #1

Immortal Games - Want to learn from the greatest chess matches in history?

Immortal Games

In Chess, the term “Immortal” is used to describe a game or a move that is so brilliant, it will be remembered forever. The term was coined in 1855, when Ernst Falkbeer published an analysis of a casual game between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky that occurred in 1851 during the London Chess Tournament. It is widely regarded as one of the greatest games ever played. In this new update, Agadmator dives deep into his favorite collection of Immortal games and sacrifices. He explains their history and significance, while also analyzing their effect on the evolution of the game itself. Prepare to be inspired, because this is Chess at its most romantic and historic.

Want to learn from the greatest chess matches in history?

Go to “inspiration” in your attributes tab, and complete the newly added immortal games action items.

MprooV Content Updates

This is the first of many MprooV content updates to come. Keep your eyes on our Community page for the next one!

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