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MprooV Community Update #2

We are 3 months into our journey and going strong. Our spirits are high and we are motivated to continue to work with you to build the first true improvement platform. We also kindly ask you to please consider subscribing to support our School Creators, every single subscription helps us fuel this dream.

MprooV App Update 1.1.0

We are releasing our first app update since launch. From the entire team, THANK YOU! We are beyond enthusiastic about the usage we have seen thus far.

Email Sign-up

Now users will be able to register for the app using email. This was heavily requested and we are happy to bring this feature to you.

We are aware that some international users are still unable to sign up with phone numbers, so we hope that this login method helps those affected users.

MprooV Scholarship program

Please email our CEO at and explain your story of why you deserve a scholarship. The more thought and detail put into these stories the better! We are always looking for ways to help aspiring players.

We are also able to work with charities, non-profits, academies, schools, etc. Please contact us if you are interested in using MprooV for your organization.

Thank you again for all your support thus far and we appreciate any feedback.


Want to play a chess grandmaster?

See below for details about our latest MprooV Community Event.

MprooV Agadmator Chess Event

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