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Legends Event #001 – Karue Sell (Tennis)

Hi Guys! Karue Sell here to bring you the first ever Event for MprooV.

This event is for the tennis school, the first Chess Legends event will be announced soon)

Hi Guys! Karue Sell here to bring you the first ever Event for MprooV.

Learn a little bit about what makes me who I am, the shot that earned me a scholarship from Brazil to UCLA, and reap some cool rewards in the process.

While most of my career was about wins and losses, tennis has always been more than that to me. If you play tennis, you know that you will never fully master it. You will need to continue to work on it forever, and you will always be able to learn something new. Because of that, tennis is a never-ending pursuit that I approach with a childlike curiosity. Being able to execute new shots, and learn more and more each day is what I love most about this sport. While I’ve accomplished a lot in my tennis career in terms of results, the journey will always be the most important part. Embrace the ups and downs of this journey, and you will be a successful player, regardless of results.

On top of this attitude, I have always been in love with tennis. I love that tennis is a one on one battle that goes far beyond technical and physical attributes. It is about solving the problems your opponent throws at you, point in and point out. Being able to outsmart opponents is my favorite thing about tennis, and hopefully something I can help teach you all along the way! I grew up LOVING Roger Federer, the way he played tennis was and will always be what made me love this sport. Because of that, I have added the Attributes “Inspiration” and “Grand Slam Champions” to teach you all about the coolest quotes and inspirational stories in tennis, and also about the great champions of the game. These people are absolute legends! They are what makes tennis such a timeless sport.

More specifically about my game, I am known for my return of serve. This shot has been my signature since I can remember, especially on the backhand! My return secrets are now live as MprooV Exclusives under the “Return of Serve: 1st Serve” and “Return of Serve: 2nd Serve” Attributes – and they’re worth 125 points a piece. Hope you find ‘em!

Mproov Legend Event

On April 14th, the top 10 finishers on the Leaderboard will receive a message from me. We will talk about your game and I will personally help you with your Top Priorities and connect to your MprooV team and add specific Action Items to help you get better. I look forward to meeting you all.

Lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU to the MyTennisHQ community that has followed us here. We are on this ride together from the beginning and it is going to be a ton of fun. I’m giving a special shoutout to some of you that have truly been with us all the way, but again this goes out to the entire MyTennisHQ Community – THANK YOU!

Very special thanks to our #1 Beta test user and our friend, Fo Tien.

Very special thanks for your continued feedback, Samuel Guirado

Mike Tomas and the Pacific Palisades Tennis Center

Top Beta Testers:

Scott Harrington

Allen Chan

Rocco Edwards

Massi B

Luke Mills

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