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Early Access Ending: Thank You

The enthusiasm displayed by you all is just incredible. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions we are the most excited we have ever been about the platform. Read on for our most important takeaways...

96% of you said that your level of interest is “High” or “Medium” for an improvement platform better than what is currently available.

We hear you! We want to be the platform that solves this need. Through your continued help and usage, we can get there.

69% of you said that your experience with MprooV was “Great” or “Good”

This humbles us. We have so much work still to do on our path to become THE improvement platform, but it is so inspiring to hear that an overwhelming majority of you like what we have built so far.



Based on your suggestions, we are excited to announce that our full release will have the following features:

  1. Updated color scheme / font / logo / brand essence. You will love our new look, and also would love to hear what you think of the logo we display on this message.
  2. Personalization based on Level. This was being worked on during Early Access and will be implemented for the full release. MprooVers will now get Action Items based on their Level, so Beginners will not get the same Action Items as Professionals.
  3. Team Member Approvals. We have added an approval system so an MprooVer can accept or deny any requests to join their team.
  4. Freemium model. We will have both a Free and Paid version of the app. The Paid version will be $3.99/mo per school. By purchasing this subscription you support the School Creator to create more content and interact with you all more, and also MprooV to be able to create more functionalities.

Please comment below regarding what else you would like to see in our first update after going launch.


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