MprooV Community Update #1

Remembering our co-founder Dean Stackel and looking ahead to product updates and announcements.
MprooV Launch Day

The day has come!

July 12th, MprooV will officially launch. We will be actively promoting the platform and constantly updating each School with new Action Items, events and other fun interactions with the School Creators.

MprooV is LIVE!

MprooV is now live on the Android and Apple Store. You can find our download links on the home page. Thank you again to everyone that has helped us get here.

Early Access Ending: Thank You

The enthusiasm displayed by you all is just incredible. Thanks to your feedback and suggestions we are the most excited we have ever been about the platform. Read on for our most important takeaways...

Legends Event #001 – Karue Sell (Tennis)

Hi Guys! Karue Sell here to bring you the first ever Event for MprooV.

The Ultimate Self-Improvement Platform

We have been working on this for over 3 years now and are thrilled to share this milestone of our journey with you.

Finally, an improvement platform that’s as dedicated to your success as you are.